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  • 48 hours

    in Karabük

    First Day

    After a nice breakfast on your first day in Karabük and a view over the city from the Safranbolu Hıdırlık Hill, you can start to visit the historic architectural buildings, like the İzzet Mehmet Paşa Mosque, the Cinci Inn, the Köprülü Mehmet Pasha Mosque and the Sundial. A little relaxation and the opportunity for shopping can be found in the Yemeniciler Arasta Bazaar. Then you can go to the Blacksmith and Coppersmith Bazaar, where you can explore regional handicraft and find souvenirs. After a tea or coffee break in the Bazaar, you can enjoy local dishes at lunch. Before ending the day, and after enjoying the view over the city from the Safranbolu Castle, you can pay a visit to the City History Museum and the Sundial.

    Second Day

    On your second day in Karabük, you might want to spend your time on exploring the natural beauties and the culture of the city. After a nice breakfast, a visit to the Turkish Coffee Museum in the city centre might be the right time to witness Turkish coffee culture and its complementary worth in the Turkish cuisine. After the visit to the Museum, you can go to the Bulak Mencilis Cave, which is only a half hour from the city centre, and then continue to the İncekaya Aqueduct and the Glass Terrace, and then to the Yenice Forests, which are only an hour away. After enjoying the view from the Ihlamur (linden) Terrace, you can continue to the Şeker Canyon, and have a picnic at the riverside or go rock climbing. After a few hours of tranquillity in nature, you could travel to Eskipazar Ancient City Hadrianapolis, which is only an hour away, and make a journey to the past to see the remnants of a life that existed from the 1st century BCE to the 8th century CE.