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    Safranbolu Lokumu

    This Turkish Delight (Türk Lokumu) is produced on a daily basis in a variety of flavours like coconut, hazelnut, double roasted pistachio, saffron, rose, and mastic gum. Compared to other lokum, the Safranbolu Lokum is less sweet and lighter. As the perfect delicacy, it is a preferred gift when visiting the elderly on feast days, or friends outside of town. 

    Safranbolu Helvası

    Helva is a dessert made of tahini (ground up sesame) which is offered in the summer and winter.  Helva varies at every lokum producer. 

    Zerde Dessert (Saffron Pudding)

    Rice is cooked with water until it is tender. If desired, seedless grapes are added to it. Then saffron water, which was prepared overnight, is added together with sugar. Everything is cooked until the pudding thickens. Zerde is served cold, and mainly on feasts, and after the memorial service at funerals.


    Perohi is a ravioli-like pasty. The dough is cut in square pieces, filled with strained yoghurt and spearmint, folded to a triangle shape and boiled in water. Before serving, it is drizzled with hot butter.

    Walnut Helva

    This walnut helva (ceviz helvası) is a delicacy specific to the region of Yenice. It is made and sold on feast days. Sugar, a small amount of water and a little lemon juice are boiled in a drum for 50 minutes.  Then the drum is taken from the fire and allowed to cool. Meanwhile whisked egg whites are added to the material under constant stirring until the desired consistency is achieved. Finally, the walnuts are stirred in for 3-5 minutes. Then the whole material is spread on a clean sheet, which is lightly coated with flour. After 30 minutes of cooling, the hardened helva is packed into boxes, and is ready for sale. 

    Çullu Börek

    Thin dough layers are baked on a hot plate, cut into thin strips, and mixed with butter. A copper tray is covered with a thin layer of dough, filled with the thin strips, and covered with another layer of dough. The Çullu börek is baked on ember while constantly adding butter, until completely red. This dish is mainly prepared as a wedding meal. 


    Flour and eggs are rubbed until small pieces fall off, which are then roasted in butter, and topped with walnuts. Finally, sugar water is poured over the mass, which is served after cooling.


    Flour is gradually poured into hot water with butter. It is stirred with a rolling pin until cooked, then divided into small pieces, which are placed in a tray and covered with walnuts, sugar syrup, butter and molasses.

    Ispıt Dolması (stuffed borage)

    Borage (known as ıspıt or hodan grass) in ancient times was given to warriors as nutrition to boost their courage. The borage leaves are stuffed with a mix of flour, corn flour, onions and spices.