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    Karabük's touristic district Safranbolu received its name from the saffron flower, which is famous for its colour, smell and economic value. Saffron is able to stain the 100-fold amount of its own weight into yellow. The saffron crocus is grown in a few villages in the district. Unlike other flowers, it blossoms towards the end of autumn. This valuable plant is used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and is grown on a large scale in Safranbolu.

    Yenice Forests

    Among Türkiye's most important beauties are the Yenice Forests (Yenice Ormanları) within the province borders of Karabük. The rich biodiversity, the natural old forests, monumental trees, deep valleys, rivers and a tremendous wildlife constitute the most important assets of the Yenice Forests. The Municipality conducted a number of works for the Yenice Forests, which are accessible throughout the year. There are 5 camps, 15 hiking trails and 7 biking trails. There is a great variety of plant and animal life. Especially in autumn, the forests are covered under a colourful blanket. The landscape can be viewed from the highest point of the forest. The waterfalls and roses make it appear even richer. Orientation signs help to prevent getting lost in the forests, which are extended across a huge area.