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    The Canyons

    Karabük's canyons have a special status among its natural beauties. The canyons, which are mainly in Safranbolu, emerged through deep cracks in the limestone layers.  The İnce Kaya Canyon (İnce Kaya Kanyonu) is among the most important canyons, which forms an intriguing terrain. The canyon, with its İnce Kaya Aqueduct (İnce Kaya Su Kemeri), has very steep and deep slopes.

    The extremely long Düzce (Kirpe) Canyon (Düzce Kanyonu) enchants its visitors. Other canyons, which are natural wonders, are the Tokatlı, Sakaralan and Sırçalı canyons. The Şeker Canyon (Şeker Kanyonu) in the Yenice district is 6.5km long, and with its challenging paths it is interesting for experienced canyonists. Canyons are untouched photo safari and wildlife areas, and are under conservation. Additionally, the Tokatlı Canyon provides an ideal hiking trail, starting from the Gümüş district to the İncekaya Aqueduct.

    Crystal Terrace

    The Crystal Terrace (Kristal Teras) in Tokatlı Canyon is an 11m wide sightseeing platform built at a height of 80m to enjoy the unique canyon view, which holds up to 30 people.

    Akkaya Thermal Spring

    The Akkaya thermal spring (Akkaya Termal Kaynağı) is close to İmanlar village at the east of the province. The spring spouts out from the steep rock faces and has built travertines. The temperature of the spring water is 25 degrees. The water contains a high percentage of carbon dioxide and a high percentage of sulphur hydrogen. Locals believe that the water has healing effects.

    İncekaya Aqueduct

    The 116m long and 6-arched aqueduct in the İncekaya Village is a grandiose structure. The 110-220cm wide aqueduct, which serves to bring water from the spring to the town, was built across the Tokatlı Canyon. The restored İncekaya Aqueduct (İncekaya Su Kemeri) can be crossed on foot to get from one side of the canyon to the other.

    The Ponds

    The Eflani Bostancı Pond (Eflani Bostancı Göleti) derives its water from the Yayla River, and is an artificially formed small lake for irrigation purposes. It is 1150m wide and 25-30m deep. It was established between two forests and has an impressive natural landscape. The pond is situated within the Eflani Urban Forests.

    The Esencik Pond is an artificially formed lake, which takes its water from the Mahşerli River, nearly 11km from the centre. It is 2500m wide and 40-50m deep.

    The Bostancılar Pond is situated closest to the centre of Eflani district. It is almost within walking distance. It is located north-west of the district, on the Ovaçalış-Soğucak road. It is about 2-3km away from the centre of Eflani.

    Göktepe Natural Park

    This park, which is situated in the Yenice district, provides natural beauties, a favourable climate, clean air, and the advantage of being easily accessible. It is ideal for sporting activities, camping, and caravan tourism.